teens listen to podcasts

Why do so many teens listen to podcasts? Are you curious to learn why they’re so popular? Or maybe you’d just like to know what other people think about them.

Teens listen to podcasts for all sorts of reasons. Some listen to get their news and stay informed. Others listen to discover new ideas, skills, and hobbies.

But the real reason teens listen to podcasts is because they’re fun. They’re engaging, entertaining, and sometimes hilarious.

And it turns out that teens love podcasts because they’re such a creative medium.

What is a podcast?

Why are podcasts gradually emerging as a phenomenon among young people in recent years? There are many reasons, maybe because of convenience, a combination of modern and nostalgic, but before that, we need to know what a podcast is.

A podcast is a collection of conversations recorded in a digital audio format that users can download to their personal devices ( laptop, mobile phone, tablet…) for easy playback. Podcasts are also seen as a means of combining audio, web and portable media players, as well as a disruptive technology that has prompted some in the broadcasting industry to rethink previous practices and stereotypes about audiences, consumption, production and distribution.

The podcast is not limited to a specific topic. It can be as diverse as you make it. There could be interviews, storytelling or monologue about any subject ranging from technology to true crime.

So what makes podcasts attractive to teenagers? The convenience and depth of content quickly make podcasts an indispensable part of many young people’s lives today. There can be different reasons for people with additional needs, but these are the 4 MAIN REASONS why podcasts are being loved. 

Absorbing new knowledge

teens listen to podcasts

FIRSTLY, teenagers want to access and develop exciting ideas on podcasts. Continually absorbing new knowledge allows the brain to be constantly active and to become keen on absorbing and developing new ideas. While listening to podcasts, pictures will be formed, and listeners can feel themselves somewhere in the story to which they are listening; this helps them discover new perspectives on thinking. 

Improve language skills.

SECONDLY, podcasts help improve English. Many youngsters have difficulties with English – the most commonly used language for presentation. When exposed to English content more frequently, teens will reflect on this language better and improve vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. 

Those who are not fluent in English may find listening to English podcasts hard at first because there are no subtitles, but in return, they will gradually develop their English abilities. That is why podcasts can be said to be “ a huge treasure of knowledge” for people who want better English.

 Aids personal development

Personal development knowledge is also a common reason teens have a burning love for podcasts. Every day the young have free time because they don’t need to go to work like their parents and just need to go to school for 5-7 hours and do their homework for about 2 hours, which means they have at least 4 hours for square time. Some kids may search the Internet, gossip with friends through messages or follow up with the latest feuds online.. during that time, instead of doing those useless activities, they can listen to podcasts. Content on podcasts is diverse in all fields; some highly in-depth podcasts are leading experts in the industry. Therefore, spending time on podcasts daily will help young people become a better version of themselves every day. More and more teens now have recognized the value of podcasts, so they listen with a high frequency while walking from school to home, waiting for the bus or cooking meals, which is an advantageous trend among the young. 

Promotes stress relief

FINALLY, podcasts can be a cure for stress, overthinking or tiredness for teenagers. The world is developing faster and faster go together. The young must study harder because the future mission is their responsibility. As their mission is unique and significant, lessons at school are more complex, and teens must be x2 hard-working. Moreover, with the pressure their parents and teacher put on, some youngsters have overcome mental problems. Then listening to podcasts that tell stories or novels can release their stress effectively.

For example, funny stories entertain, interesting novels help them forget all the difficulties, and sometimes when they listen to a storytelling podcast, the narrator tells about his/her big problems in the past. However, he/she still could overcome those. Young listeners feel sympathetic and have the motivation and positive thinking to keep going on their way.

Because podcasts have many advantages that lead to teenagers’ enjoyment while listening, many networks have appeared to bring meaningful and exciting podcasts to listeners. 

You can easily find podcasts on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, if you have Apple devices, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube or Google Podcast are also popular channels to listen to podcasts that can be used on both Android and Apple. Here are some of the podcast channels that we recommend you guys try once:

  • TED Talks: a platform where experts and experienced people share their knowledge, views or research. TED talks last about 10 – 30 minutes, covering various topics: education, science, entertainment,… You can follow TED Talks podcasts on their own website or search on Youtube, Spotify
  • BBC Podcast: a podcast channel that owns a large number of podcasts and listeners. You can listen to and download podcasts for free on the BBC app or website. If you want to be regularly updated, subscribe to receive the latest podcast episodes via email
  • The Happiness Lab: a podcast channel for students. There will be times they have difficulty in studying, have sadness or feel homesick. Then listening to The Happiness Lab will help them lift their spirits and calm down. Through podcast episodes, the host will help discover the latest scientific research and share inspirational stories 
  • The School of Greatness: is one of the top Business and Personal Development podcasts on iTunes, with over 150 million downloads. This inspirational podcast channel will help listeners, especially the young generation discover the secrets of success from experts in their field. The podcast’s guests range from professional athletes, top business-minded entrepreneurs, to politicians and celebrities, at the end of each episode, listeners will learn something valuable and be inspired to pursue goals and dreams.
  • IELTS Podcast: a podcast channel for people studying IELTS. New episodes are broadcasted weekly around IELTS-related topics such as improving vocabulary, grammar, IELTS test-taking techniques and strategies…You can listen to them on the channel’s website, Apple, Google, or Spotify.

In conclusion, teens love listening to podcasts. It’s about time that podcasts get recognized for what they are: great storytelling! The key to podcast success is that podcasts have a way of connecting people with similar interests.

Listening to podcasts offers an alternative to passive social media, a way to engage in dialogue and conversation, and a chance to learn new things.

+++ Stop Press. The podcast Serial has resulted in the freeing from prison of Adnen Syed who had been serving a life sentence for murder.+++

Do you agree? Do you listen to podcasts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and join the conversation.

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