As we are in the middle of the fall season, Emily Ratajkowki is determined to bring back the leopard-patterned clothes.

After creating her new podcast, “high low with Emrata”, the top didn’t stop to surprise us and was walking around New York City in eccentric clothes. As we love wild pieces, we couldn’t miss that outfit! Plus, Emrata knows how to bring a perfect mix and balance between streetwear and a sexy style. That day, we spotted her with leopard pants, combining them with a Prince pullover and a pair of Nike. But she doesn’t stop the trend here; we could also spot her wearing some zebra prints – some mellow zebra coat or a flowy skirt. So if you’re still hesitating about buying that leopard bucket hat, or that silky zebra top, go for it! But be ready; you will not be invisible. It will be quite the contrary – everyone will turn their back towards you, or even they will ask you where you get that cute piece of cloth.

Now, let’s talk a little about the history of the wildest print on the planet. 

emily ratajkowski inspires leopard print

Since prehistory, people have been wearing leopard fur to protect themselves from the cold. Some tribes from Africa even wore it to embody the animal’s power. This pattern – and even the word “feline” – empowers the meaning of power, independence, and confidence. Try to think of it, and I am sure those words are coming to your mind. Marian Nixon, an American actress, made a sensation in 1925 by walking down Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles in a fur coat with a leopard on a leash. Having the live version of her jacket next to it is not the friendlier way of showing off her outfit, but that’s how you cause a rumour to spread.

 Emily Ratajkowki inspires

In the United States, leopard print will long remain the cherished accessory of pin-up girls. In France, though, it’s quite the opposite: wearing it is the height of chic! Christian Dior created leopard print coats in the 1950s. Twenty years later, the motif was hijacked by hippies and punks as a symbol of revolt. The Italian designers Roberto Cavalli and Gianni Versace were also inspired by this casualness to use the spotted print in their collections of the 1990s.

How did leopard print go from being known to be gross to climbing on top of the high-class trends?

Sometimes seen as vulgar; sometimes as a high fashion piece, its popularity went from growing to shrinking during the last decades.

You could see that print being worn by many models on podiums and worn by celebrities. However, it can also be associated with bad quality. Did you know that pop culture once related to evil women, which was seen as unstable and superficial? For instance, Josephine Baker and Elizabeth Taylor wore them, both true fashion icons. But Jackie Kennedy really popularizes the leopard print in the 1960s – with real fur, though (oopsy). We could also see David Bowie wearing the feline pattern in the 1970s, playing with the androgynous look. Indeed in the 80s, the leopard pattern is both punk and famous, thanks to Madonna.

To finish in beauty, here are the five patterns you should have in your closet.

The dots

Feminine as it can be on tops, skirts and chiffon dresses, the polka dot print is declined in delicate dots for an elegant touch, sometimes discreet, sometimes retro. A catwalk spirit in a maxi version is a boldness of a seasoned fashionista.

The essential polka dot pieces:

– The retro dress,

– The chic blouse,

– The fun shoes.

Checked prints

The nineties and minimalist, they come in classic colours – black, grey, beige and red – to offer us pieces like cocooning plaid. Checks are 100% English and ensure a British look is mixed with more modern pieces to be at the forefront of the trend. Sporty in black and white on sneakers and other sportswear, they boost our looks.

The essential check pieces:

– The lumberjack shirt in overshirt style to surf the cabin come trend,

– The winter scarf,

– The classic suit to match,

– The three-hole dress.


How to say that you will never get tired of bars! It’s simple, lines are everywhere, horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal, to display a graphic look; they can operate in mix and match to give us a cool attitude. When bored of them, we can always dare to alternate the fine stripe with the wide stripe: no need to choose between the two.

The essential striped pieces:

– The shirt masculine-feminine spirit,

– The sailor shirt,

– The high-waisted pants,

– The blazer jacket.


Sometimes girly, sometimes chic, we say yes to Vichy! It is shy in winter but makes up for it in spring by imposing itself in the summer as an essential. We mainly wear it in black and white, blue and white or white and red. It brings freshness to our looks for beautiful days or even rainy ones.

The essential gingham pieces:

– The small summer top,

– The combi short,

– The dress-wise.


Small and big flowers bloom together on our favourite pieces to adopt according to your blue flower or eccentric side. Graphic, Japanese, country or even tropical floral patterns make us travel from the urban jungle to faraway lands.

The must-have floral pieces:

– The little light dress,

– The skirt,

– The camisole.

To conclude, the leopard print inspired by Emily Ratajkowki is a pattern that comes every season and is ageless; but take care how you wear it; the fashion faux pas is quickly made!

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