We’ve all seen it. Blogs and YouTube videos all about thrift clothing and the great things you can find second-hand. But how do these viral vlog channels do it? Can you really find cute and quality clothing thrifting?

Yes, you can. It is extremely common these days for teens and young adults to shop exclusively at thrift stores, and they actually have some of the most diverse closets out of anyone. You can find trendy and truly unique clothing at second-hand shops. But how do you do it? 

The Ultimate Guide to Thrifting – Where to Start?

You can find all sorts of things in thrift stores. The beauty of shopping for used clothing is that you get the chance to give the piece new life. You get to choose from decades and decades’ worth of clothing and apply it to your style. 

So, how do you find these beautiful stylish pieces everyone seems to find so easily when thrifting? There are a few easy tricks you can use to help you find the most unique fashion pieces. First thing first: know where to look. 

Knowing Where to Look


When you enter a thrift store, no matter the size of the store, you’ll find yourself in the middle of countless sections of clothing. So, where do the nice things hide? 

First of all, you’re going to want to have a good idea of what you’re looking for. If your style is boyish and oversized clothing, you can look accordingly. And if your clothing style is feminine and delicate, you know where to look as well.

Just thinking about clothes, you should always start with the basic sections. This means women’s pants, men’s pants, women’s shirts and men’s shirts.

Why go to both sections? Because you may find really cool stuff in the men’s section even if you don’t typically shop there and vice versa. In thrift stores, you have the most luck finding good stuff if you look in every section regardless of gender. 

So what do you need to remember? Always take at least a quick look in both men’s and women’s sections and know what you’re looking for. If you know what kind of clothes you want, it’s easier to find what you want.

Looking in these main sections usually takes a while, and depending on what you’re looking for, you may want to check other sections as well. The women’s pyjamas, men’s belts and hats, and skirt sections can also have good stuff depending on what you prefer. 

What’s Worth It? How do I Find It?

Now that you know where you should be looking, it’s time to discuss how you’ll be looking. Start on one end of the rack and make sure to do a quick swipe through every single garment that is hung up. 

Yes, it is incredibly tedious, but this is how you find the good stuff. Name brands and on-trend clothing will be hidden amongst regular everyday clothing, so it’s best to be meticulous and take a quick look at each and every piece. 

But you may be wondering if you’ve never thrifted before; how do you know what’s good? 

Well, if you find anything with a name brand that’s in good shape and you like it, it’s probably worth it. Name brands in thrift stores usually don’t get unfairly priced, so you’re getting it for a good deal. This is especially true if it’s in good shape.

Basically, if you find something that you like and it’s in good shape, grab it. Be careful to note the prices, however. Because while thrift clothing does tend to be cheaper than fast fashion, you may be getting overcharged depending on the piece.

Make sure to only pick up items that are in half-decent shape. You don’t want someone’s ratty old clothing, you want well-taken care of clothing that suits your style. 

The Best Items To Thrift

Now you may be wondering, what are some of the clothing items that are easily found at thrift stores? What items should you grab if you see them?

Well, this, of course, can depend based on your personal style. All in all, it really depends on what you think suits you. But with that being said, there are a few items that are typically easy to find for a good price at thrift stores. These items are:

  • Belts (specifically men’s belts)
  • Hats
  • Skirts 
  • Buttoned shirts
  • Jeans
  • Windbreakers/jackets

Of course, it will always depend on the thrift store that you’re at, so don’t always expect these things to be there. However, from experience, I almost always have luck in finding at least one of these items each time I thrift.

What is The Secret to Thrifting?

After all of this reading, you may still be wondering; what is the secret to thrifting? Would you believe that I have an answer for you? The secret to thrifting is to simply have patience

All you need to do to find quality clothing items for your wardrobe is to have the patience to look through each section and take your time getting through the entire store. This method isn’t something that comes easy to most, and this is why you’ll always find something good that someone else missed.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have some inspiration to hit your nearest thrift store. Thrifting isn’t easy, but it can be so rewarding once you find that piece that fits in perfectly with your style. 

Always remember this: have patience. You may not find something good every time, but once you do, celebrate it. Thrifting is not only a rewarding and fun challenge but is also good for the environment. So get out there and revamp your wardrobe, one piece at a time.

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