Why do we love dungarees?

Dungarees are trendy, classy, and surprising, not to mention super comfy!

With only one pair of dungarees, you can make as many looks as you want.

One day, you could have a classy look by combining a red or black dungaree with some heels or a blazer, and the other day a more casual look with a cute pair of sneakers and a leather jacket.

Now, let’s see why some people would say it’s ugly


Some people would say that it’s a piece of clothing that not only doesn’t it valorize your shape, but also it’s everything that is practical; remember those suspenders that were impossible to close!

Some would say that it’ll not compliment your shape at all and will not show your back to its advantage. That could be mostly due to the material they’re made of, leather or denim most of the time. They’re also sometimes super stiff, and your movement could be limited, and it also hides totally your waist, except if you have the envy to put some belt on it.

And if you have some curves, it could be that your dungaree won’t stress them but will exaggerate them.

How was the dungaree born? Let’s dive into its history now

The dungaree made its first appearance in the 17th century and was first made of jeans. Dungri is a name that originated from an Indian word, which was the fabric’s name made from the material we can find in India. Dungari is a little village in India.

It then got bought and exported by the occidentals, hence the name change into “dungaree.”

In 1953, the dungaree design took a completely different turn with Levi Strauss and  Jacob Davis, creating a whole new model. Indeed, they revisited the dungaree for middle-class workers, creating a model for the men workers.

history of dungaree

The 19th century is the dungaree’s rebirth, with new colours and style according to the person’s profession; the painter would opt for the white dungaree while the other ones would opt for the blue-toned ones.

But let’s not forget the feminine genre, who have worn it during the war’s years to go to work.

But how did the dungaree become so fashionable?

The dungaree was less and less worn by the workmen and got spotted and gained popularity when Princess Diana and Clint Eastwood wore it one day.

And as you know, when a celebrity wears something, it directly gains a huge audience and interest.

Then was born the fantasy style, with more popping colours and bolder design,

Getting off the beaten tracks.

Nowadays, you can find dungarees in all the colors you can imagine, and there is a choice for every style and mood with different fabrics. For sure you’ll find your own.

It went trendier when you could see more and more singers and actors wearing it in every shape and colour.

Let’s analyze now the different types of dungarees

So let’s be clear; there are as many different styles of dungarees as you can think of.

First, there are different legs: narrow, flared, straight legs and elephant feet jeans.

Secondly, the zip configuration : modif suivantes etroite large bavette avec fermeture eclair ou pas, bavette sans poche, amovible, others

fermetures multiples double rangee boutons elastiques sur les cotes

different pocket styles : 2 in the front, 2 in the back with one integrated to the bib…

They are made with different fabrics too: biological cotton, light denim, blue denim, real jeans, etc…

It’s so versatile you can use it to do your gardening, go to work wearing it, go do your groceries and even lay at home with it.

How to wear it?

You can wear it by pairing yours with an oversized graphic shirt and sneakers for a sporty/casual look, or if you prefer skinny patterns, you can opt for a slim-fit look that goes until your ankles and dress it up to your taste and liking.

If you don’t have time to think about a particular outfit, you can pair you dungaree with a white shirt and white sneakers, you can be certain not to make a fashion faux-pas and this looks always fresh!

You can switch the t-shirt for a corset or something chicer, or even unfasten one of the straps for a mismatched type of look and exchange your shirt for a bralette for a sporty look.

If you want a monochromatic look, why not wear an oversized jeans jacket on top of it? Or if you want some popping colours or original design to lighten up your day, why not opt-out for a printed dungaree or even a striped one? You could style it with a classic pair of shoes.

And if you plan to go out to see friends or go on a date, wear your dungaree with sequin tops and metallic heels, or you could even look for more embellished options.

To conclude, the dungaree is one of the most versatile, creative, and bold pieces of clothing you can mix and match in different combos, which will not go unnoticed.

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