It’s always good to see new TV productions aimed directly at a teen audience. the series ‘Tell me everything is a British drama which is going to be streamed via ITVX, the new streaming channel. So with luck, you will be able to catch this series wherever you are located, or you can just click on your trusty VPN and view it directly.

Eden H. Davies is joining the cast of ITV2’s latest drama, Tell Me Everything. She plays a boy whose father dies young, and her best friend, Louis is a girl whose father dies young. Eden Davies, Laury Ajufo, Spiker Fearn & Callina Liang will star as Jonny, Louis, Neve and Mei in the funny teen drama, Tell Me Everything. Tessa Lucille and Carla Woodcock (Ackley Bridge) join the cast as the new college friends of Jonny’s family and friends Louis and Neve.

Tell My Everything follows the story of 16-year-old Jonny Murphy, who struggles with his own problems and navigates the world. David Stevens returns as Jonny Murphy, who suffers from depression and anxiety – something which he tries to hide. When a tragic event occurs, Jonny has to decide whether he will allow the tragedy to destroy his life or if he wants to learn how to live.

Louis (Fearn) and Neve (Ajufo) are battling their own problems and are constantly there for Jonny. If they think that Louis and Neve (Davies) are right to be scared of Mei (Liang), they should be worried about her when she first comes into their lives. She appears to understand Jonny but becomes a dangerous influence on him. ITV2’s new drama, Tell Me Everything, follows the lives of four friends who are just starting out their college careers. They appear to be cool young women who are easily bored and carefree, but it soon becomes clear that all four friends are battling their own battles.

Tell Me Everything is full of heart and laughter and explores how teens feel about their mental health and sexuality – as well as revealing what they’ll wear to a party!

Tell Me Everything is based on true-to-life observations that explore what young people really go through, and how they deal with the challenges that are present for them now. The programme has been funded by the UK Government’s Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF) and will be produced by ITV Studios. The YACL is a programme supported by the BFI which helps young people to make innovative and appealing films. This fund supports developing and producing programmes for free-to-air and regulated television and online platforms such as ITV Hub and ITV2.

ITV Studios is producing Tell Me Everything, which will be distributed worldwide by ITV Studios.

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