Suppose you’re a devoted fan of movies directed by Tim Burton, from Alice in Wonderland to Edward Scissorhands. In that case, you’ll want to make your Halloween costumes by mimicking the looks of your favourite characters. Ideas and character choices may be difficult and puzzling, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most popular films directed by Tim Burton. The special characters make the movie intriguing and give it life. They include:

  • Alice

Pick an ankle-length light blue dress and use a white apron to make it look authentic. If your hair isn’t naturally blonde, you could put on a blonde wig that has a similar style as Alice’s hair. For footwear, you can choose black and white saddle shoes.

There you go; now you’re all set for your journey in Wonderland…. I mean Halloween!

  • Mad Hatter

 If you’re into arts and crafts, you’ll enjoy putting this costume together, as it requires a specifically designed hat. To dress up as the Mad Hatter, you’ll need some fingerless gloves, an oversized bowtie, brown shoes, brown striped pants, a purple waistcoat, a black turtleneck, a brown coat with white polka dots, and of course, his crazy hourglass shaped hat with an orange curly wig underneath. For unique makeup, there are online tutorials that can give you a similar, insane look.

  • Queen of Hearts

Hearing “Off with their heads” always gives us the chills, so dressing up as the Queen of Hearts would prove that Halloween is a fearful night.

You’ll require a red, curly wig and a small tiara. Because of its uniqueness, you can purchase a similar dress since it’s too difficult to design one by yourself. Her makeup, especially the little red heart between her lips, is one of the main features of the costume. A good deal of tutorials is available for terrifying makeup online.

Corpse Bride Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Corpse Bride was rated one of the best-animated movies directed by Tim Burton. Dressing up as Victor or Emily can give you a nostalgic feeling of this amazing movie released seventeen years ago.

  • Emily the Corpse Bride

For this costume, you’ll need a long dark blue wig, a flower headpiece, skeleton gloves, light blue stockings, a bride veil, a white corset, and a long maxi shirt. Cover your face with blue paint and follow tutorials for detailed makeup.

  • Victor Van Dort

Victor wears a formal white shirt and coat, brown vest, blue scarf, striped dress pants and formal black shoes. To match his skin colour, you can paint your face with a pale shade and wear similar-coloured gloves. For the hair, you can gel and style it in a similar way.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most popular movies kids love. Not only is the movie interesting itself, but the characters also contribute to the greatness of the movie.

  • Willy Wonka

In Tim Burton’s version, Willy Wonka is dressed differently compared to the original movie. He wears a maroon frock coat, dark blue vest, colourful printed shirt, deep purple latex gloves, black socks, black dress shoes and a black top hat. You can add a cane to the costume for an authentic look.

  • Charlie Bucket

Charlie wears a mustard-coloured shirt with a grey, orange striped sweater, dark brown pants, black socks, and dark brown sneakers. You can design a golden ticket to add to the look as well.

  • Violet Beauregard

“Violet, you’re turning violet!” is one of the hilarious and iconic lines in the movie.

This costume is probably the easiest to put together as it only requires a light blue tracksuit, blue socks, blue and white trainers, and a blue watch. Don’t forget to paint your nose or entire face violet to give the “turning violet” look!

Beetlejuice Halloween Costumes Suggestions

According to a legend, if “Beetlejuice” is said thrice quickly, the magical character will appear in front of you. To prove this, you could perform the same trick. Who knows? Maybe you actually could get people to believe you.

  • Beetlejuice

To imitate Beetlejuice, you’ll need a white wig, white dress shirt, a black tie, a black and white striped suit, and black combat boots. And of course, his unique makeup style is required to give the absolute Beetlejuice look.

  • Lydia

Lydia wears a bright red wedding dress, a head veil, a black wig, red satin gloves, and black shoes. Don’t forget to add a spooky doll and an artificial red flower bouquet to complete the terrifying appearance!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

An attractive, uncommon fact about this movie is that it was based on a poem originally written by Tim Horton. The idea of basing a movie on it was a great success.

  • Jack Skellington

For this costume, you’ll need an oversized black bowtie, a black pinstriped suit and black dress shoes. The best part of the costume is getting the Skellington mask and skeleton hand gloves. If you want to give an extra creative look, you can use a black sharpie to outline your hand’s bones using the help of Google to get it accurate instead of buying the actual gloves.

  • Sally

The special dress of Sally can be purchased online. You’ll also need some light blue stockings, a long red wig, and a pair of plain black shoes. The makeup part is interesting, considering you’ll have to draw fake stitch lines and use fake eyelashes.

Edward Scissorhands

An interesting fact about this movie is that Tim Burton didn’t actually plan on using actual scissors for Edward’s hands but in the end, they were used and turned out to be the best part of the costume!

  • Edward Scissorhands

The main colour of this costume is black. For the outfit, you’ll require a black turtleneck and leather jacket, black pants, and leather boots. Add lots of belts and buckles around the costume to give an authentic look. You can design the creepy “Scissorhands” or buy them. A messy black wig and eerie makeup will complete the look.

Batman and the Joker

There are many Batman movies directed by different directors, but Tim Horton’s Batman version is one of the great ones.

  • Batman

To imitate this legendary superhero, you’ll have to go all black with the costume and accessories. It requires a full-body pantsuit, metal belt with oversized square pockets, floor-length cape, briefs, elbow-length gloves and black boots. For the main part of the costume, you can design the Batman crest and glue it to the centre of your chest, and last, but not least, put your Batman mask on, and you’re ready!

  • Joker

This well-known supervillain has a messed up and at the same time, amazing look which would definitely make a great costume. To rock the look, you’ll need a purple top hat, orange dress shirt, purple satin gloves, a blue tuxedo vest, purple frock coat, long turquoise bow tie, dark purple flat front pants, dress shoes and a black plastic cane. Make sure to apply white face paint and use red lipstick to draw the wide, creepy smile.

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

This movie was Tim Burton’s first feature film, which he directed when he was just twenty-six. It is considered one of his great adventure comedies. 

  • Pee-wee

The necessary things required to dress up as Pee-wee include a black wig with extra gel, a plain white dress shirt, a grey blazer with matching grey pants, a small red bowtie and white dress shoes. To give your face a similar look, you can use an eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows bushy.

These numerous costume ideas can not only make your Halloween special but memorable too. Pick a costume and get ready to rock the look! Happy Halloween!

If you have other great ideas for Halloween costumes please comment in the teentempo discussion below.

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