The seasonal autumn feel

Every season has pros and cons, which suit us more or less. Perhaps in this slightly cold and gloomy weather, you feel a great desire to lie on a sandy beach, but let’s not forget that autumn is still a wonderful time of the year. So, we’ll talk about the advantages that autumn brings us – super stylish autumn fashion trends and trendy makeup looks. Let’s look at what to wear at parties, what is the “must have” thing in your wardrobe this spooky season, and what kind of trendy makeup we should use to look stunning.

Fashion trends this season

If you are a real fashion freak, you must have the next pieces of clothing this season:


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Balloon sleeves – a fashion detail that is slowly but surely developing into one of the most striking trends for this season. This flared sleeve silhouette is a fusion of 15th-century renaissance femininity, 1930s elegance, and the new decade’s current tendency towards oversized detailing.


An unexpected but pleasant surprise – we will be wearing feathers this fall and winter! Fashion designers are always looking for new unique combinations with which they can surprise us, and this surprise is more than pleasant.

As a reincarnation of the salon style of the 1920s when girls wrapped themselves in pearl necklaces, flared skirts, and of course, ladalas and decorative feather wreaths, this fashion season, we will once again enjoy the iconic flapper glamour. You’ll look stunning at parties with these light feathers.

Flappers were young women in the 1920s who rebelled against traditional values. They wore short skirts, smoked cigarettes, and drank alcohol. They were also known for their fashion sense, which included wearing feather dresses. Feather dresses were popular for flappers because they were fun and flashy. They showed off the wearer’s curves and were often adorned with sequins and beads. While some people disapproved of the flapper lifestyle, others saw them as symbols of the Roaring Twenties.


If there’s one overarching trend that will define fall 2022, it’s the biker aesthetic. The runways were flooded with daring looks that consisted of leather pieces. Head-to-toe leather ensembles were eye-catching, with pieces going beyond the classic moto jacket. This fall, consider buying a leather maxi dress instead of leather pants! This fashion piece will suit you perfectly if you are not into cosplay stuff for the spooky Halloween party and look unusual and trendy.

There is something about the biker aesthetic that just exudes cool. Whether it’s the classic leather jackets and jeans or the modern takes on the look, it all comes together to create an edgy and approachable style. It’s the perfect look for anyone who wants to add a bit of edge to their wardrobe, and it’s also a great way to show your personality. Whether you’re a die-hard biker or just a fan of the look, there’s no denying that the biker aesthetic is one of the coolest.


Yes, animal print is back on trend and louder than ever! With many new variants that include contrasting colours, so expect a lot of ‘wild cats’ on the urban streets this fashion season. Since it is a delicate print, like all animal prints, always be careful when combining them because you can easily cross the line from chic to kitsch.

Animal print has returned over the last few years in the fashion industry. As seen on the catwalk of Versace, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana, animal prints are here to stay. But do you know why? Well, for starters, they’re easy to wear. It’s not hard to imagine why this print is so popular – it’s a great way to break out of the classic colour palette.


These heels were first introduced in the Versace Fall/Winter 2021 Runway show. Versace has debuted a new style of platform heels that is catching the eye of stylists, celebrities and shoe lovers. The heels gained popularity as more celebrities started incorporating these platform pumps into their looks. These heels can be styled with layered looks, skirts and fitted knee-length dresses. So, this season they are most popular than ever. Pick up your colour and slay at every party, looking unusual and fashionable.

Makeup trendy looks

Do you have some obsession? Maybe it’s the makeup? If it is, I gotcha ya. In the following, you’ll see what we’ve got for you.

Every girl must have the best selection of fall makeup colours this season. These colours give a warm and simply autumn atmosphere. The basic rule is that there are no rules. There are trends, popular scenarios and moments that we want to repeat.

But there is a style of its own, which has been developed over the years, is synchronized with personality traits and can be considered the basis of the visual image. And trends are already being tested, which may or may not merge. If the style requires correction, a slight deviation from the modern algorithm is worth doing. Individuality will always be ahead of those who chase trendy ideas.


autumn fashion trends

Smokey eyes are known for being stunning night makeup and are usually assumed to be proper and impressive. Regardless, smokey eyes are not only meant to be at the nighttime hours; you can fancy a decent smokey-eye look even after sunrise. You can pick your colours, but usually, this look includes darker colours.

A smoky eye is a timeless and seductive look that can be achieved with the right makeup products and application techniques. When done correctly, a smoky eye can make your eyes appear larger and more dramatic. To create a smoky eye look, start by applying a dark eyeshadow to your upper and lower lash lines. Use a smudging brush to blend the eyeshadow outward to create a soft, diffused look. Then, apply a lighter eyeshadow shade to the inner corners of your eyes and under your brow bone to brighten up the area. Finish off the look by applying several coats of mascara to your lashes.

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Soft Glam makeup is where the face looks soft and glowy but also natural. This means no harsh contour lines, dark eye makeup, and bold lip colours. Instead, all the elements of the makeup should seamlessly merge together to create the ultimate muted soft glam look.

The most important thing about a soft glam look is that the makeup should be as minimal as possible. It should not look heavy or overwhelming, and it should not make the skin look too much different from the rest of the face. The trick is to play around with the eyeshadow colour and the blush colour. Try playing around with the eyeshadow colours for a softer, more subtle eye makeup. You can start by applying a thin line of brown or black eyeshadow under the lower lash line.


Surely you have ever wanted to look like some Hollywood retro diva. The old Hollywood glamour will always be a valid source of inspiration for many of us. Its timeless style is loved and embraced by those who want to look flawless and charming. The red lipstick in this trend is a must.

The red lips trend has been around since the 1980s. It was popularized by Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly. They were why women started wearing red lipstick, as it was a trend that was more acceptable then. Nowadays, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a woman with a full-on red lips. Especially at Halloween parties.


The name itself explains the meaning of this trend. The wings are not drawn near your upper lash line, but somewhere around the crease of your eyes, and they’re simply “floating” around. The days are gone when you draw a line on your lids (near the lashes) and call it a day. Nowadays, we have stunning trends such as the fox and floating eyeliner taking the beauty world by storm.


For something that only used to be worn on Halloween or at music festivals, face gems have come back in full force thanks to the popular Euphoria series. Nowadays, face gems are made to be worn wherever you please as they come in all shapes, colours, and sizes.

Face gems are a type of makeup that has been around for centuries. They are traditionally made from semiprecious stones but can also be made from glass, plastic, or even metal. Face gems can be applied to the face in various ways, including as a standalone decoration or as part of a more intricate makeup design. Face gems are popular for special occasions, such as weddings, parties, and festivals. They can add a touch of glamour and luxury to any look and can be used to create various makeup looks. If you’re thinking about wearing face gems, be sure to consult with a professional makeup artist to ensure that they are applied properly and that they complement your overall look.

As for the end, here are some Halloween Makeup looks

And remember, makeup is not simply makeup. It’s a science, a lifestyle and art!

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