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In the age of digital media, Kate Middleton’s fashion style has been able to stand the test of time and reach new heights on social media platforms like Tik Tok. From her classic looks to her modern chic wardrobe, the Princess of Wales’s fashion style has been able to influencers and fans alike. Tik Tok has become an avenue for fashion lovers to find inspiration, share tips, and learn about different trends. Through her own profile, Princess Kate Middleton has used the platform to share her style with the world in a unique way. In this blog post, we will explore the Princess Kate fashion style on Tik Tok by taking a look at some of her looks, the inspiration behind them, and the impact they have had on fans.

On the social networking platform, photos of Kate with the caption “before she became a royal” have become popular. Teenagers have chosen songs from the time period to highlight the royal’s style, including ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by the Wheatus and ‘Oops I’ve Did It Again‘ by Britney Spears. Teenagers have praised the princess as the “true it-girl” on the app while donning some of her most recognizable looks.

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According to news outlets such as the Dail Mail, TikTok has caught on to Kate’s pretty iconic 2000s style, reminding us just how long the future Queen has been in the public eye (over 20 years!). Teenagers and Gen Z—many if not most of whom missed this version of Kate the first time around—have discovered her eclectic style of the decade, with The Daily Mail labeling it a “social media craze.” Photos of Kate before she became a member of the royal family on April 29, 2011 (her wedding day to Prince William) are trending on TikTok, and, in a further example that everything old is new again, young girls are copying her Noughties looks with aplomb, calling her the “real it-girl.”

According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, Princess Kate’s style prowess has gone even further, to the point where she is now on par with the late Princess Diana as a bona fide member of fashion royalty. It came as no surprise to royal watchers that our Kate was invited to present British fashion awards.

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Princess Diana was beloved by many, leaving large shoes to fill. Though he believes Princess Kate is a close comparison, Larcombe pondered if she has the same influence as her predecessor. Evidence of her influence can be seen in the sales of the items she has worn.

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A select group of committed TikTok users have begun to replicate some of Kate’s past attires. Her well-known roller-skating ensemble, featuring a shimmering green top, yellow shorts, pink socks and a coordinating purse, has become an iconic style statement.

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So, in a period where media coverage has swung to Meghan and Harry in the USA it is certain that the more discreet royal presence of Princess Kate is attracting a large and influential following among young Tik Tok users. The current media cavalcade is yet to fully roll out with te Netflix and Book revelations but it looks more and more that the royal heading for the coronation fashion stakes is ‘our Kate’ rather than the yet uncrowned queen of Montecino.

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The Princess of Wales’ wardrobes from the early 2000s are no longer available in mainstream retailers; however, young fashion enthusiasts are increasingly looking to second-hand and antique stores to recreate the iconic style. One vintage vendor on Depop is offering a specially curated “Kate Middleton drop” for $33, which includes an incredibly charming item. Regular readers of our blog will know how keen we are on following fashion trends.

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