As you grow up in an alien world. You have your entire life ahead of you to explore and learn about its fascinating flora and fauna. Will you live in harmony with nature or create futuristic technology that will one day be useful? Will you battle massive beasts or nurture future generations to live happily? Realized brilliantly in watercolour, the world of Vertumna is yours to discover.

Northway Games has managed something astonishing – a videogame that transcends genres. It’s incredibly fun, but at the same time, it teaches you a valuable lesson.

At its core, I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is a game about making choices. The choices you make will have a profound impact on both yourself and the other characters in the game. Northway Games and Finji have crafted a beautifully realized world that is both thrilling and tragic, with characters that feel like real people struggling to do what is right.

The game is a powerful reflection of our reality, even though it takes place in an abandoned colony on the other side of the universe. I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is a triumph because it reminds us that we are not alone in our struggle to make the right choices.

You may want to become a revolutionary and overthrow the government, or you may remain apathetic and do whatever is convenient for you. You can build your own career, find love, and maintain your circle of friends, but you’re aware that you’re being treated like a class of notable people and that your privileges are being misused.

All of these approaches are valid, but it’s essential to always act by your values and do what’s right, even if it results in others being pushed into the abyss and causing them to feel horrible. There are so many moments of extreme happiness and sadness.

Platform:PS4, PS5

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