It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to stop dressing in alignment with their identified gender. Blurring the lines between male and female clothing pieces is becoming a major trend in recent years: men wearing skirts and dresses, women wearing huge, baggy clothing. But what is this trend really about, and what are the rules?

The Breakdown

The first thing you need to know about genderless fashion is there are no rules. Everything you thought you knew about gender roles is thrown out the window. People identifying with any gender can wear genderless fashion because it’s simply blurring the lines between men’s and women’s clothing.

A common theme in genderless fashion is for men to wear long skirts or dresses. Still overtly feminine, they are usually styled to lose any sort of form-fitted look. Overly baggy and long dresses will be worn with shirts and blouses over top. Large combat boots, frilly blouses, heeled shoes. Everything is mixed with everything to create a look which loses all human form.

The main point of genderless fashion is to make the person wearing the clothes look, well, genderless. The use of both male and female clothing (usually oversized) is used to blur the lines between gender and just focus on the look.

This all makes for a very “out there” look. Teens are loving this new fashion trend of mixing gender roles as conforming to them becomes less and less normalized. You’ve seen men wearing nail polish and lipstick, this is on the same wavelength. Rejecting gender norms is becoming cooler by the day.

Typically, this genre of fashion blends textures, patterns, colours and genders as it all combines into a mess on the floor essentially. The point of this fashion style is to lose any form of the body. Clothes are worn baggy and are layered to create a mess of colour and shape.

Did this section get you interested? Good. Here are a few ways you can incorporate genderless fashion into your wardrobe.

Genderless Fashion – A Guide

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A major factor of genderless fashion is wearing pieces typically associated with a binary gender and assigning it to the opposite. For example, men would wear long, flowing skirts and dresses. Women would wear blazers or suit jackets, typically in a few sizes too large.

However, anyone can wear anything with this style. The point is to cross every boundary created by gender roles, so really you can wear whatever you wish.

Some of the key features of genderless fashion are as follows:

  • Bright, patterned pieces of clothing
  • Baggy or oversized fit
  • Flowing skirts, blouses, or dresses

Mismatched patterns and colours

Genderless fashion has very few rules. Simply just wear clothes in a way that confuses the line between male and female and you’ve done it.

This fashion style is becoming increasingly popular among teens and young adults, possibly linked to the decreased need youth seem to have for exclusive gender rules in our society.

Who Wears Genderless Fashion?

So, we’ve established what genderless fashion is as a whole and how people are wearing it, but who wears it? What is the demographic of people for this sort of thing? Who is wearing this? 

The answer? Well, anyone can wear genderless fashion, but the vast majority are young adults and teenagers. It is becoming very popular among teens to defy gender roles, and genderless fashion is a part of it.

However, anyone can wear it. Genderless fashion is for anyone who doesn’t mind standing out, someone who likes to break the rules. Whomever you may be, genderless fashion is the newest trendy and stylish way to live on the adventurous side.

In Summary

Genderless fashion is something that anyone can wear but is increasingly popular among teens and young adults. Breaking out of gender stereotypes while also breaking some typical fashion rules is something that can be freeing.

Genderless fashion is simply a creative means to express oneself through clothes without any borders. It’s a way people can express themselves, like all subtypes of fashion. Regardless, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming such a trend as time passes. People love the weird and strange. Expressing yourself is always in style.

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