Now, you’re definitely wondering, “just tell me what pair you are talking about!”.

So, yes, the pair of boots that everyone is going to fight for this fall/winter is the iconic UGG boots.

Brand background.

First, let’s talk a little bit about the history of Ugg. Let’s go back to the 70s era, more specifically in 1979, when an Australian guy had an amazing idea, convinced that everyone will share his passion… It’s on the beach cost of South California that – having a passion for sheepskin – he created his first shoe design. It was in the middle of the 80s that his brand grew, incarnating the casual and chill mood of the California way of life. Thanks to the surfing shops and other boutiques near the coast, the brand gained an audience. It then gains views on the other side of the world, beginning in New York in the 2000s

winter shoe trends

The shoe line was enlarged by integrating more “stylish” and “luxury-inspired” boots. Things going forward, they opened their first boutique in Soho. And then, it just continued growing, opening even more stores in London, in Japan, China…

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The brand also did many collaborations, for instance, with Jimmy Choo in 2009 and Swarovski in 2010. In 2013, for their 35th anniversary, they launched a capsule collection named “1978”, reminiscing the good old days, and highlighting the 70s surf culture

Winter shoe trend goes viral

Now, let’s see how this pair of boots went so viral for this winter and why you should definitely get it! The Ugg’s creator had this brilliant idea to create a new version of the original boot, a little cuter I would say – the mini platform boot.

They have first been seen worn by some top models like Elsa Hosk, and the sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid – putting them again in the spotlights.

The creator twisted the Mini Classic boot into an XL version of it, integrating a huge platform.

winter shoe trend

Finally, let’s see how to wear these comfy UGGS in autumn. Just like Bella Hadid, we could wear it with a cute pair of socks and an ultra-mini bottom, like a mini jeans skirt. For the colder days, we can pair it with integral monochrome knitwear apparel as Elsa Hosk and Gigi Hadid, who matched it so well. This is how we mix comfort and style.

But don’t think about it too long before deciding to purchase a pair; because in many websites and shops, the pair – declined in different colours – it is already out of stock.

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