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Find how the Tokyo-based brand Ambush recreates the classics of Levi’s in a sophisticated yet street-style manner.

It was in 2008 that the brand Ambush was created by Yoon Ahn and the artist Verbal, born from an experimental jewellery series inspired by pop art, before transforming itself into a ready-to-wear label. In 2017, they were selected among the eight finalists of the LVMH’s prize – showing o their incredible talent.

Nowadays, we see the most fashionable music icons – from renowned pop stars to Kpop artists – wearing the iconic label, swinging between luxury and streetwear, Not to mention its big collaboration with Nike and the NBA.

Ambush X is non-gender.

The collection is a non-gender line made o very exclusive fabrics, revealing one trucker jacket, two jeans, mixing streetwear and luxury in a super avant-gardist style.

The Trucker jacket is embellished with Ambush X hooded buttons and chest pockets highlighted with silver stripes, all signed with a black patch that combines the two brands’ logos. For the denim jeans, the Bootcut 517 and the Baggy Fit are available in a faded, half-indigo version.

This limited collection will only be purchasable in Osaka and Tokyo, in the Levis and Ambush stores.

Now, let’s talk about how Yoon Ahn created the Ambush empire.

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It is twisting simple objects of everyday life into statement pieces. recognisable between thousands, like its lighter-shaped necklace – that’s the motto of Yoon Ahn.

Born in Korea, Yoon Ahn grew up in California, Seattle, and Boston where she did her high school years, and finally moved to Tokyo where she now lives.

Therefore, she grew up in di erent cities and countries; her childhood is a mix of di erent cultures, which influenced their best designs. childhood mixed of di cultures

She stated: “when I came to Tokyo with my husband,I really didn’t know what I was doing here, but I told everyone that if I went to Tokyo, I needed to begin something to stop thinking about what I was doing there”

The Fashion surprise of Ambush X

And that’s how Ambush was born, by an inspirational creative thought from Yoon’s husband, Verbal. Verbal stated that they needed to “surprise” people with their creations, hence the name “Ambush”, meaning “Ambuscade” in French.

Their first jewel pieces were ornamented with the “POW!” message.

“I wanted to give meaning to something that doesn’t have importance in jewels.”

They then get known – even Kanye West was wearing one of their pieces – and the lighter-shaped necklace became their signature piece.

Then, in 2018, Yoon Ahn’s career took a totally different path, for the better.

She got nominated to be the creative director of Dior men’s jewelry, and it’s not a surprise that it was a total success.

“I wanted to make something iconic that can be remembered, timeless pieces that can be adapted to each season.”

Concerning their collaborations; and their link to the music/rap field, did you know that  Verbal was part of the M-Flo crew and he was also part of Teriyaki Boyz ? Now, he’s more of a producer.

The Teriyaki Boyz was the first Japanese group to get signed by Def Jam U.S., and they worked with celebrities like Pharrell or Kanye – even before he worked with Daft Punk-, the Beastie Boys… so you know they were way ahead of their time.

At this time, huge massive pieces of jewelry were trendy. Verbal – a big fan of American comics – designed a chunky “POW!” ring, reminiscing the “POW!” punch bubble like the ones in the comic books, when the character hits someone. Thus; Verbal could make his fist “POW!”.

To conclude, we could agree that Ambush X is more than a brand; it is a way of life, mixing luxury and streetwear, a unique twist that decided to share they vision with the timeless Levi’s jeans.

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