Dmitri Malyga

Hi, I am Dmitry. I studied at Kyiv Gymnasium of Oriental Languages, with an in-depth study of English and French. I have started to write since childhood, 12 years old. After school, I applied to "The Interregional Academy of Personnel" on the Journalism faculty. I wasn't taught something new except about journalism's history. So I decided to finish my studies at this university and research independently. It is much more profitable and, to be honest, more helpful if you have the willpower. For the first half year, I worked in the museum of Bulgakov, and then, before the war broke out, I worked in a library near my house. I started to freelance only a few months ago but actively working on it. Have a plan to apply to foreign universities for «creative writing» courses. In addition to writing, I play electro sets in clubs in my town before the war. I also play electro guitar and practice my vocal voice. My dream – is to write and make music without thinking about livelihoods but make writing and music the source of my fee.