We are really excited and privileged to bring you the personal log (diary) of a young, talented Brazilian blogger Ana Moraes. As Ana makes her spiritual roadtrip across Latin America she will document her thoughts and feeling here on teentempo.

Logbook 1 – preparation,

I believe that every wait generates a certain longing, doubts like “My God, am I doing the right thing?!!”, but I also particularly believe that these are some of the moments most valuable that a preparation can offer.

I decided a few months ago that I would backpack through Latin America, in search of my ancestry, in search of reliving and waking up the my roots that had been dormant for long enough my fiancee and I decided that our final destination will be Ushuai or “terra del fire”, for those close to us, and that our journey will involve places like Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Patagonia, among a few more.

So the movement started, we gathered money to buy some equipment, suitable shoes and I needed buy my backpack that in a few months will become my home, we did that, and in a short time we saw the checklist complete, each item crossed out was a different type of belly cold.

Some thoughts invaded my head, like mosquitoes that seek the light when it’s summer and in the blink of an eye the lamps are surrounded by them and as much as you scare them away, it seems never get rid of them. “Is that really what I’m supposed to do?”

“Everyone my age is getting married, going to college, having kids, I must be wrong for doing it differently” and a few more that I’ll spare you from hearing, I could write a chronicle with just those thoughts.

After long and sincere conversations with my fiancée and travel partner, I realised that these thoughts weren’t even coming from my head, but from a social convention, as if life it would be worth it if I were running along the traditional paradigm and doing what the vast majority of people do and that really scared me a lot, to stop living my dreams for thinking too much about what other people would think.

journey of the soul
Regrets of age.

I imagined myself already old, sitting on a balcony watching the horizon and with a tight heart, almost twisting, for not having lived the life my heart wanted, but to have lived for other people. So, I abandoned fears, anxieties and prepared myself, packed my backpack with only what I really needed, left behind objects, clothes and everything that once made my heart regret or hurt and I prepared myself with body and soul for this journey that I come to walk through the world that is inside and outside of me.

Follow Ana’s journey of the soul here on teentempo.

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