En Route to Maringa

We continue our road trip with Ana as she arrives in Maringá


It’s the beginning of November and we’re going to Maringá, which is located in the north of Paraná, in the south of Brazil, we’re going to spend a few days with my sister-in-law and niece, we’re taking advantage of the beginning of our backpacking trip to stay close to “home” until at Christmas, we are doing a kind of test drive, because we are new in age and experiences and, of course, not to kill our parents from the heart haha. It did me a lot of good to revisit Maringá. We spent a week there, at the beginning of my relationship with my now fiance Murilo. We dated at a distance and saw each other once a month. Being in that place again made the butterflies in my stomach flutter again through my belly and gave a new air to how I was feeling.

The call of the waves

After the days in the north of Paraná, I made my way, now alone, to Florianópolis, a city on the coast of southern Brazil, where I was born and raised, I come from a family of fishermen and my only luxury was having the beach to call of mine and the waves of the sea as my best friends, who listened to my laughter and tears and helped me to understand life with different eyes. I needed to go back, I needed some time with myself and I needed to look for something I had forgotten by the sea.

I think we all agree that the world is not a very friendly place for women and for me the issue of comparison, of being an assumed people pleasing, was always something very present in my life and was becoming something unsustainable for me. Then As I started my journey I realized that I compared myself even more. And that went against everything I was looking for lately!!!.

With the beach comes simplicity, and I surrendered to it, I dove headlong into seeking who I am, I let go of what people might think and judge about who I am or what I do, and if I didn’t allow myself to flourish, I would live being hostage to the other and it is precisely after detachment and myself that I am going after on this journey of mine that goes through the world that is inside and outside of me.

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