With the development of the Internet and technology, people have more ways to share information or communicate with each other and mostly every time, they use social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,… now have millions to billions of users worldwide, proving their popularity and importance. Social media connects everyone no matter where they are and also brings news to users. Because of this exciting phenomenon, many people get immersed in it, and they get addicted to the virtual world and forget reality, forgetting the nature surrounding them. If you are that type, these are the 5 good reasons we recommend you forget social media and enjoy nature.

1. Whilst social media brings you negative information, nature brings you peace and positive thinking

Social media brings information to users, but it also impacts users negatively, such as through cyberbullying or unofficial news ( inflation, medical issues,… ), which can make people anxious and stressed. Meanwhile, staying far away from devices and social media can help people unwind because of the fresh air, the green trees, the beautiful flowers, the peaceful lakes or the sounds of the waves,… Maybe the freshness you feel from nature can assist you in your jobs and give you the solution to problems, which social media can not show you

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2. Using social media for hours can affect health while enjoying nature, help improve respiration and bring vitality.

                       When spending too much time on social media, people can easily face up to health problems like eyesores, sleeplessness or backache. In the short term, this influences users’ intelligence and osteoarthritis, but in a long time, this can absolutely affect their longevity, which is very serious. When being out, you breathe fresh air, which improves respiration and brings vitality or walking along the district. Taking part in outdoor activities also helps increase resistance. This is one of the ways to love yourself and bring happiness and health to yourself, not the depresses given by the network

3. Wanna have more friends and be more social? Don’t think that social media can help. That is useless. Find about nature. That is the key.

We can say social media is how people connect. It is easy to make friends online. Most of us think that is the way to be more friendly, but not. You can chat with them about daily life, hobbies or favourite things but are you sure you can communicate with real people like that? I know that many introverts want to improve themselves by texting with new online pals but remember that texting is not talking, so it is unhelpful. Try to find real friends. That is the only way, and how? Walk into commonplaces ( parks, lakes, districts,… ) that usually hold social activities, participate in and then you will be more talkative and energetic. This is safer than striking up with strangers on the Internet, as there are a large number of bad guys in this day and time who can steal your money, information, or accounts.

4. The patience you have lost since using social media, let nature bring it back.

In the past, people spent about 5-10 minutes observing a picture. At the moment, they spend just a few seconds looking at the art. This is a sign of impatience, so what is the reason? Indeed, because of social media, everything appears rapidly, and people get used to that, which makes them feel the real world happens slowly, and they can’t wait for that. However, everyone can improve this disease by spending more time with nature. When jogging, breathing and enjoying the surroundings, people will realize the serenity of everything and be more patient in everyday situations.

5. Social media limits the ideas which are frequently created by enjoying nature

Because of the negative information brought by social media, several users may feel anxious. For example, unofficial financial news affects the people doing business, peer pressure from good students on the Internet acts as their depression, or untrue information about increasing schools fee makes the parents stress since there is so much burden. So when people are in those states, they can not think about their work or study. They just focus on being worried and letting themselves in negative thoughts even though the information they get can come from tabloids. Nevertheless, the smell of flowers or trees, the beautiful daily picture of the neighbourhood or the singing of the birds,…, all those things sound simple but can assist in generating the content, having a solution for the issue or having any ideas for the job and study. Nature can do that since feeling relaxed and relaxing is one of the best tactics to boost creativity and smartness when enjoying the atmosphere.

To conclude: Forgetting social media and spending time with the surroundings is a brilliant idea because this not only improves health and prevents diseases but also brings positive thinking and creative ideas and helps us be less impatient and more friendly. Especially for teenagers whose age has the most significant number of social media addictions, nature is the cure for them. Instead of wasting time on useless network platforms, they can learn more about the natural world and themselves. 

All of us think that social media connects everyone, but there’s one thing that can do better than network a lot, which is nature. Nature can be a link among people, a medicine for every patient facing up with every illness. Nature can also be a key for each people to explore and discover their possibilities. Seeing that nature is essential, we must be responsible for protecting it. In this circumstance, we can use various social media pages to spread the benefits of nature and encourage people to take care of our environment.

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